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Welcome to Sugiyama Jogakuen University website. Sugiyama Jogakuen University has a total of 7 undergraduate programs, the most for a women's university in this country. The University is committed to carry out the words "Nurturing Humanity" as its educational philosophy. The characteristics of our education are to foster a rich humanity and to acquire knowledge suitable to each individual. Why not to study at Sugiyama Jogakuen University, while being exposed to Japanese culture?

Characteristics of the University

Excellence in women's education, supporting 60 years of University tradition. The goal of the educational philosophy "Nurturing Humanity" is to promote women's intelligence and sensibility. The University attracts many students wanting to acquire a variety of specialized knowledge and skills, such as nutrition, environment, culture, information, media, foreign languages, expressionism, management, education and nursing. Every year approximately 1,000 students graduate from the University to play an important role in a variety of fields.

About Tokai region

The city of Nagoya, where Sugiyama Jogakuen University is located, is one of the 3 largest metropolitan cities in Japan (along with Tokyo and Osaka). Besides being a modern city, Nagoya has also many historical sites and is blessed with abundant nature, and its quiet environment is quite appealing.
With direct flights to and from Asia, North America and Europe, many people arrive every year at Central Japan International Airport. Nagoya city is located at the center of the Japanese archipelago. It takes only one hour and forty minutes by Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo, one of the most important cities in the world, and 40 minutes from Nagoya to Kyoto, a city with rich Japanese traditional culture. It's easy to travel around the city by bus or subway. And the transportation infrastructure of trains, highways and air travel makes it easy to travel around Japan.
Tokai is also a traditional industrial region of Japan. Many leading Japanese companies are located in this region, and with heavy industry such as automobile manufacturing (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda) and aircraft components manufacturing (Boeing), Tokai is considered to play an important role in the economic development of Japan.
Sugiyama Jogakuen University is an ideal environment to acquire not only Japanese language skills, but also to learn about the Japanese culture and economy.