Research Center for Anthropology and Gender Studies

This organization aims to conduct in-depth research on the educational philosophy of the school and on the view of humanity required in the new era and to disseminate this information to society and the community.

Research Center for Total Life Design 

This organization supports women in acquiring the knowledge and abilities to live independently in the society. We support women in their activities to design their own lives to collaborate with others and participate in the society.

History and Culture Museum

Established to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the birth of the founder, Sugiyama Masanori, this facility introduces the history and culture of the school. Moreover, it introduces the activities of students, faculty, and staff.

Center for International Exchange Programs

The CIEP was established in April 1999. It coordinates all international exchange programs with the partner institutions and gives advice and information to students who want to study abroad. Please feel free to visit our center.

Services provided to current students

  • Counseling to students interested in the international exchange program
  • Sending of students to Partners Institutions (recruitment, selection, orientation, safety advice, etc)
  • Counseling and consultation to students wishing to study abroad
  • Volunteer as mentors to international students
  • Student exchange and Japanese Culture Experience Programs
  • Recruiting of host families
  • Loaning of overseas education related books, magazines and other materials
  • Scholarships


Services provided to international exchange students

  • Reception of international exchange students from partner institutions (pick up and see off at the airport, orientation, daily-life guidance)
  • Administration of International Exchange courses (Japanese, Japanese Culture and Social Studies)
  • Loan and referral of Japanese language and Japanese culture related publications
  • Loan and referral of documents
  • Student exchange and Japanese Culture Experience programs
  • Coordination of internship programs
  • Scholarships
  • Students dormitories, home visits