Undergraduate Schools

School of Life Studies

Department of Human Nutrition

The Department of Human Nutrition develops graduates with the qualifications of registered dietitians. Moreover, we prepare graduates to play a leading role in medical treatment, social welfare, hygiene, nutrition, and schools and regional communities by applying their knowledge in food and health.

Department of Human Environment Design

In the Department of Human Environment Design, we treat everything as one’s living environment, from clothing to interiors, housing, architecture, and urban areas. We also aim to develop graduates who can create a better living environment with the idea of craftsmanship in mind.

School of Foreign Studies

Department of English Studies

In the Department of English Studies, we nurture students to be active on the world stage by acquiring a deep understanding of the culture, society, and history of English-speaking countries and a high level of cross-cultural adaptability.

Department of Global Liberal Studies

In addition to English, students study European and Asian languages and cultures and Japan in the world. We nurture students to acquire deep international literacy skills and to become human resources capable of creating new values on a global scale.

School of Human Sciences

Department of Human Sciences

In this department, students study gender, welfare, and education and learn about human connections and mutual support. We cultivate the ability to question what is “normal” and to realize a convivial society through flexible thinking.

The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology carries out a comprehensive investigation of the fundamentals of psychology and clinical psychology. We encourage the ability to provide insightful and sympathetic advice regarding the complexity of human dynamics, mental issues, and mental healthcare. It is also an opportunity to become a Certified Clinical Psychologist, a specialist in mental health.
The Psychology Department trains students on how to provide insightful and friendly advice on complex human relationships, mental health issues, and mental health care. Students can also become clinical psychologists who are specialists in mental health.

School of Information and Social Design

Department of Information Design Studies

Students will acquire advanced and specialized level ICT skills to play an active role in the information society. Students will also learn creativity and expressive skills and apply them to solving business and social issues.

Department of Social Design Studies

Focusing on fieldwork-type lectures, students gain experience in researching and understanding issues in the field and confronting the challenges of contemporary society. We train students to act on contemporary issues by making the most of their experience in the field.

School of Modern Management

Department of Modern Management

At the Department of Modern Management, we aim to prepare our graduates to be able to properly manage and administrate at all levels, not only at a corporate environment but also at a personal, familiar, regional, governmental, and international levels. We also aim to acquire decision-making and problem-solving ability necessary to management through the practice of management cycle.
The Department of Contemporary Management fosters individuals who can manage at all levels, such as local, governmental, and international society. Through the practice of the management cycle, students acquire the decision-making and problem-solving skills necessary for management.

School of Education

Department of Child Development

Childcare workers and educators are expected to have the same educational skills as experienced educators since their first year of employment. The program at the Department of Child Development includes observation of classes and teaching practice since the first year. The department also offers a “Sugiyama special course” that addresses a number of issues in real-world classroom relevant to educators.
Acquire multiple qualifications to become competent educators.

The Department of Child Development fosters child caregivers and educators who combine sufficient leadership skills with human attractiveness. We implement programs that meet the needs of internationalization and changes in diverse educational settings and cultivate the ability to foresee children’s growth from a long-term perspective.

School of Nursing

Department of Nursing

Unique curriculum with a rich interdisciplinary education
The program offers a “rich interdisciplinary education” made possible by the cooperation between the university’s departments and also cultivation of extensive knowledge and culture in order to appreciate different values. The curriculum, based on theory and practice of medical care, nursing, and health care, is intended to train nurses so they can develop strong qualities. The educational philosophy “nurturing humanity” is in the core of each discipline and is intended to bring up students’ high morality.
The School of Nursing trains nurses not only in specialized skills but also in human qualities through a curriculum that provides students with a broad education and knowledge of nursing and individualized guidance. Through practical training experiences, students develop a rich sense of humanity and nurture nursing professionals who are able to deal with people.

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Life Studies

Doctoral Program in Life Studies

To go beyond the traditional borders and research life as a whole, considering that the origin of Life Studies is that “human beings” are the center of life. While promoting academic research that complies with the changing of times and demands from society, we have already produced excellent doctors (in Life Studies) that can contribute to the society with high professional competence and researchers that will lead the next generation.

Master's Program in Food and Nutrition

This major pursues “Good health to have a happy life” and does scientific research on the relation of food and nutrition. We also develop graduates with a broad perspective, profound insight, professional knowledge, and advanced skills. We expect our graduates to be active in various fields as researchers, home economics teachers, and registered dietitians.

Master's Program in Human Environment

The major is organized in four fields: clothing, architecture, interior and housing planning, and residential area planning. We aim to develop graduates with high specialized skills and research competency who can contribute their knowledge to humanity’s way of living.

Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies

Master's Program in Human Sciences

Training to be as specialist in Human Sciences
The Master’s Course of Human Sciences at the Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies focuses on clinical psychology, sociology, and education. Through comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies in each field, we aim to develop high skilled professionals in people and human relations required by modern society.

Support human relations through practical skills
In the field of clinical psychology, several masters students are working as clinical psychotherapists after acquiring practical knowledge and skills required by specialists dealing with people who need psychological advice. Moreover, the mental clinic offers counseling services to the community.
Expanding the field of activity
The sociology and education fields are responsible for developing graduates who can participate in local government’s regional welfare policy, enterprises’ human resources and training, and character formation in schools and society. We help in each person’s self-realization and self-advancement and to be prepared to face the problems of modern society.
The Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies aims to train highly specialized professionals in clinical psychology and knowledge of human symbiosis who will be involved in clinical psychological consultation, public policy for community and welfare, corporate personnel and training, school education, and lifelong education.

Graduate School of Modern Management

The Graduate School of Modern Management cultivates intelligent human resource and equips them with the skills in innovation that will let them break through the obstacles of today’s economic society and create completely new streams of value by integrating advanced knowledge with existing products and systems.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education is engaged in the research and training of highly specialized professional teachers who uphold characteristics crucial to formal education, such as the ability to help school children develop thinking, decision-making, and expressive skills, and who are constantly engaged in educational research throughout their teaching careers.