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Department of Nursing

Foster a rich humanity in a campus with a distinctive personality

The Sugiyama Jogakuen University is a Comprehensive Women's University where students of a variety of disciplines are brought together. In a campus full of energy and individuality, students can interact beyond the borders of departments and naturally develop communication skills that will help build better relationships in their social life. Through mutual incentive, we can cultivate a rich humanity and attitude towards life that will stay with us in the future.

Unique curriculum with a rich interdisciplinary education

The program offers a "rich interdisciplinary education" made possible by the cooperation between the university's departments. And also cultivation of extensive knowledge and culture in order to appreciate different values. The curriculum, based on theory and practice of medical care, nursing and health care, is intended to train nurses so they can develop strong qualities. The educational philosophy "nurturing humanity" is in the core of each discipline, and is intended to bring up students high morality.

Broaden your horizons at various training facilities

Capitalizing on an urban location, the program has various training facilities at General Hospitals in the city of Nagoya. Through gaining clinical experience at a variety of advanced medical settings, the program aims to foster high skilled nurses who are able to work at a variety of positions at local care facilities or state-of-the art healthcare centers located in metropolitan areas. Also students can broaden their horizons in the nursing field through interaction with other nursing professionals.