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School of Modern Management

Department of Modern Management

Capitalizing on women's ideas in the 21st century

The 21st century requires that women possess high management skills. As for the increasing role of women in modern society, the Department of Modern Management aims to develop graduates who are able to adapt through communication to a rapidly changing society on their own accord.

Management at all levels

At the Department of Modern Management, our goal is to prepare our graduates to be able to properly manage and administrate at all levels, not only at a corporate environment, but also at a personal, familiar, regional, governmental and international levels. Also to acquire decision-making and problem-solving ability necessary to management through the practice of Management Cycle.

Importance of practical training

Our goal is to develop graduates' ability to make practical decisions in management situations. To accomplish that the program includes faculty with experience working in the front line of society. The program also includes practical training on the front line of business. Our goal is for the graduates to acquire not only theory, but practical skills as well.
(To acquire working knowledge and be ready to use it).