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School of Life Studies

Department of Human Nutrition / Department of Human Environment Design

People and Life from the Science Perspective

The School of Home Economics with its rich history and tradition is the predecessor of the School of Life Studies, which was established in 1991. The School of Life Studies, approaching a broad spectrum of fields than the Department of Home Economics, was able to raise the technical and scholarly levels of the institution. Studying people and life from the science perspective, we try to determine the healthiest and most comfortable way to live.

Developing experts in Food and Health

The Department of Human Nutrition develop graduates with the qualifications of registered dietitians. We also prepare graduates to play a leading role in medical treatment, social welfare, hygiene, nutrition, schools and regional communities, by applying their knowledge in food and health. To accomplish this, our curriculum covers all aspects of food, health, origins of diseases and its relationship with nutrition.

Nurturing specialists in craftsmanship

In the Department of Human Environment Design, we treat everything as one’s living environment, from clothing to interiors, housing, architecture, and urban areas. We aim to develop graduates who can create a better living environment with the idea of craftsmanship in mind. The curriculum is focused on design, production, experiment and practice, which allows you to gain a methodical and comprehensive knowledge and techniques.