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School of Human Sciences

Department of Human Relations / Department of Psychology

To delve into interpersonal relationship and mental issues

The School of Human sciences was established in 1987 with the objective to do an interdisciplinary and comprehensive research in human relations. Our aim is, through the understanding of self, others, society and environment, to develop graduates with high interpersonal dynamics capable of dealing with complex human interaction problems and mental issues.

Experts with practical knowledge in human relations

The Department of Human Relations delves into present-day issues resulting from the diversity and complexity of human relations in the modern society. We aim to develop professionals with expertise in human relations, who has both the knowledge and practical training through field work and the case method, and are able to work in specialized occupations.

Develop graduates who delve into mental issues

The Department of Psychology carries out a comprehensive investigation of the fundamentals of psychology and clinical psychology. We encourage the ability to provide insightful and sympathetic advice regarding the complexity of human dynamics, mental issues and mental healthcare. It is also an opportunity to become a Certified Clinical Psychologist, who is a specialist in mental health.