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School of Education

Department of Child Development / Nursery and Elementary Education / Elementary and Secondary Education

Taking advantage of a Comprehensive Educational Institution

The purpose of the School of Education is to foster "childcare workers and educators with a rich sense of humanity". Taking full advantage of a Comprehensive Educational Institution that has all levels of education, from kindergarten to graduate school, the students can acquire experience in teaching in all levels since their first year in school, and thus be able to educate children in all the steps of their development.

Get experience as teachers since the first year

Childcare workers and educators are expected to have the same educational skills as experienced educators since their first year of employment. The program at the Department of Child Development includes observation of classes and teaching practice since the first year. The department also offers a "Sugiyama special course" that addresses a number of issues in real world classroom relevant to educators.

Acquire multiple qualifications to become competent educators

We encourage the students to acquire multiple qualifications in order to help them better understand the characteristics of childhood education. We aim to foster students' personal qualities and improve their teaching abilities, and we combine theory and practice to prepare students for the classroom. And our comprehensive educational institution allows us to assist students in a wide range of subjects. After 4 years we will send excellent educators into society.