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School of Culture-Information Studies

Department of Culture-Information Studies / Department of Media-Information Studies

To cultivate practical skills in Information and Media

The School of Cultural-Information Studies pays great importance to culture, society and people, and also in the acquisition of practical skills in Information and Media. Our goal is for the students to acquire broader knowledge and global cultural enrichment, and to develop professionals who can adapt in this rapidly changing mass media era.

Integration of Tourism into Culture and Information studies

At the Department of Culture-Information Studies, we encourage the use of information in society and culture, and the free use of information to develop students' power of expression. We also learn how to use the information and telecommunications network that supports the information society. We provide an integrated study of culture, information and tourism.

Understanding Media to develop one's skills

At the Department of Media Information Studies, we study the influence of media over the public and society so students can have appropriate knowledge for the information society. Also we develop skills in information publishing and data analysis, in order to accurately choose, analyze and comment on information.