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School of Cross-Cultural Studies

Department of Foreign Studies / Department of Classical and Contemporary Cultures

Aiming for True Communication

At the School of Cross-Cultural Studies, the study of foreign cultures and the understanding of languages of people from other cultures, aims to develop graduates who are capable of communicating about the Japanese culture to the world. A coordinated work between the two departments allows for interdepartmental studies, giving students the opportunity to design their own plan of study accordingly to their interests.

Communicate freely in a foreign language

At the Department of Foreign Studies, our aim is that the students acquire a good command of a foreign language, like German and French, along with English. Native teachers also provide extensive teaching of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Also with study of foreign cultures, we aim to improve the student's professional ability in foreign language communication.

To be able to self-express and to communicate to the society

At the Department of Classical and Contemporary Cultures, our goal is that the understanding of different world cultures, literatures and ideologies will improve your ability to express your own opinions and feelings. We give extreme importance in our student's individuality and their ability to create and disseminate culture, while participating actively in different industries and occupations.