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Graduate School of Education

Cultivating teachers who have strong practical skills and are constantly engaged in research

The Graduate School of Education is engaged in the research and training of highly-specialized professional teachers who uphold characteristics that are crucial to formal education, such as the ability to help school children develop thinking, decision-making and expressive skills, and who are constantly engaged in educational research throughout their teaching careers.

Conducting research on formal education focused on the expressive arts and mathematical sciences

Our Graduate School offers three courses – Expressive Education, Mathematical Science Education and Formal Education – in which students conduct research on formal education including in the fields of pedagogy, educational psychology and pre-school education. With emphasis on fostering a broad range of verbal communication skills to build upon a foundation of thinking, expressive and problem-solving skills, research is focused mainly on education in the mathematical sciences and expressive arts, including language arts, music, and arts and crafts. In each of these courses, students will gain specialized knowledge through practice, and theory-based practical skills.

Long-term teaching internships are mandatory at our institute for practical study

As an institute that actively promotes research, we require students to complete the Teaching Internship I practical training course to learn and conduct research at schools and kindergartens for a period of six months to a year. Internships can be carried out at our various affiliated schools (kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and high school attached to our university), and at schools and kindergartens in Nagoya city with which we have entered an agreement.