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Graduate School of Modern Management

Cultivating human resource to create new value

The School of Modern Management cultivates intelligent human resource and equips them with the skills in innovation that will enable them to break through the obstacles of today’s economic society and create completely new streams of value by integrating advanced knowledge with existing products and systems.

Exploring innovation management capabilities from three different areas

The research fields in the School of Modern Management are spread across three areas: Management, in which research is focused on issues concerning private organizations; Accounting and Taxation, in which research is focused on issues concerning accounting and taxes within an organization; and Economics and Public Administration, in which research is focused on issues concerning society and the nation as a whole. Students will explore innovation management capabilities by acquiring research skills in relation to management in each research field.

Learning about the power of strategic thinking from highly experienced guest speakers

In order to be able to foresee new social problems that may arise in association with trends in today's global and regional economy, students will develop strategic thinking and decision-making skills by enhancing their knowledge base through exposure to the practical expertise of highly experienced guest speakers, while also maintaining a bidirectional relationship between research objectives and their own research.