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Graduate School of Life Studies

Doctoral Program in Life Studies

To go beyond the traditional borders and research Life as a whole, considering that the origin of Life Studies is that "human beings" are the center of life. While promoting academic research that complies with the changing of times and demands from society, we have already produced excellent doctors (in Life Studies) that can contribute to the society with high professional competence and researchers that will lead the next generation.

Master's Program in Food and Nutrition

This major pursues "Good health to have a happy life", and does scientific research on the relation of food and nutrition. We also develop graduates with a broad perspective, profound insight, professional knowledge and advanced skills. We expect our graduates to be active in a variety of fields as researchers, home economics teachers and registered dietitians.

Master's Program in Human Environment

The major is organized in four fields: clothing, architecture, interior and housing planning, and residential area planning, and we aim to develop graduates with high specialized skills and research competency who can contribute their knowledge to humanity's way of living.