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Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies

Master's Program in Human Sciences

Training to be as specialist in Human Sciences
The Master's Course of Human Sciences at the Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies focuses on clinical psychology, sociology and education. Through comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies in each field, we aim to develop high skilled professionals in people and human relations required by modern society.
Support human relations through practical skills
In the field of clinical psychology, many masters students are working as clinical psychotherapists after acquiring practical knowledge and skills required by specialists dealing with people who need psychological advice. Also the mental clinic offers counseling services to the community.
Expanding the field of activity
The sociology and education fields are responsible for developing graduates who can participate in local government's regional welfare policy, enterprises' human resources and training, and character formation in schools and society. We help in each person's self-realization and self-advancement, and to be prepared to face the problems of modern society.