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Sugiyama Information Technology Education Center

Message from the Center Director

Conduct "Information Education" and "Education and Research on Information Network" to the overall planning, management and administration of Sugiyama Jogakuen. Information is one of the factors that contribute to increase in performance and sophistication of education and research. We are fully dedicated to achieve an "Information Education" and "Information Network" systems which are based on a well-planned education and research programs. I hope to contribute to the growth of Sugiyama Jogakuen with a global perspective where all three parties (Students, Faculty and Sugiyama Jogakuen) are benefited.


Sugiyama Information Technology Center

  1. Matters concerning University's Central Information Network and Internet Access and Equipments
  2. Matters concerning facilities and equipments used during education of Information
  3. Support and assistance to education of Information to faculty and students
  4. Matters concerning equipments used for information processing by administrative staff
  5. Matters concerning Sugiyama Jogakuen's budget related to Information
  6. Any other matters that the President considers relevant

Sugiyama Information Technology Educational Center

  1. Developing methods for and information education
  2. Research and development for information science technology
  3. Matters concerning planning and interdepartmental coordination for informatization necessary to academic research
  4. Assistance to education of Information provided by Sugiyama Information Technology Center
  5. Other necessary services for the center's administration

Organizational Chart