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Cafeteria and Store

Hoshigaoka Campus University Hall

1st floor Cafeteria

Café style cafeteria, serving a wide range of reasonably priced and delicious meals. There are a daily set menu and a low calorie menu. Noodles, Soba and Chinese noodles are also offered.

2nd floor Coffee shop

Coffee shop has light meal, daily lunch and a drink. 10 kind of gelato is popular.


The store offers stationery, school supplies, miscellaneous goods and Sugiyama original merchandise.


The bookstore offers textbooks, academic works, reference books, magazines and novels. Sugiyama Jogakuen University professors' published works also can be found here. All books are 10% off.

Travel Agency

Commuter tickets, regular tickets, express tickets, airplane tickets and other admission tickets are sold at the agency. You can also make your travel plans and by tickets here. Students also use the agency for their seminar trips and camps.

Hoshigaoka campus School of Life Studies building

1st floor Café

The self service café offers a wide variety of breads and cakes.

Hoshigaoka campus School of Education building

1st floor CAFETERIA F.19

Influenced by "Shokuiku" (dietary education), the menu shows the calorie content and the meals are prepared with vegetables cultivated under reduced amount of fertilizers and seasonal local vegetables. They also have noodles, breads, and takeout food.

Nisshin campus University Hall Nisshin Annex (La Station)

1st floor Cafeteria

A large cafeteria with a capacity for 300 people, a varied menu and takeout food. The sunlight coming through the large window creates an open and bright interior.

2nd floor Convenience Store

Lunch boxes, drinks, desserts, snacks, products for daily use, magazines are sold here. You can also find Sugiyama original merchandise.