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Educational Philosophy

"Nurturing Humanity", the core idea of Sugiyama Jogakuen's foundation

The bridge located on North-South Hill at Hoshigaoka campus is named "Ningen (Humanity) Bridge". And in the monument erected in the vicinity of the bridge is engraved the message "Nurturing Humanity". And this is the core idea for what the founder president of Sugiyama Jogakuen, Masakazu Sugiyama, established Sugiyama Jogakuen, and is the educational philosophy that we have been following for the past 100 years. The education at Sugiyama Jogakuen not only aspires for accumulation of knowledge and skills, but also for our development as human beings. The social significance of respect for others and respect for humanity is extremely important. Also, the "Nurturing" in "Nurturing Humanity" is not only for statement, it is something that we must always keep in mind and try to put into practice.