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Sugiyama Jogakuen started in 1905 as Nagoya Women's Sewing School. The history of Sugiyama Jogakuen started with our founder Masakazu Sugiyama and his aim to provide education for women.

Even with the distribution of the "Fundamental Code of Education" in 1872 and the institutionalization of the "Education for All" program, the situation of Japanese education and specially women's education was still very poor.

For Mr. Masakazu, in order to develop Japanese education in the household and society, it was essential to improve women's education, and the first step was the establishment of the Women's Sewing School.

To accomplish that, in spite of being a male, he enrolled at the most prestigious school of that time, the Tokyo Women's Sewing School (current Tokyo Kasei University) and studied sewing techniques, sewing theory and education in general.

He married his schoolmate at Tokyo Women's Sewing School, Imako Nakamura, who also wanted to open a women's school, and in 1905 the married couple, Mr. Masakazu Sugiyama and Mrs. Imako Sugiyama returned to Nagoya city and rented a samurai residence located at Fujitsuka cho in Nagoya city, and on April 1st of that same year they opened the Nagoya Women's Sewing School.

Since then, with the purpose "offer high level of educational opportunities to women", we always have been offering the education demanded by society.

2005 marks the 100th year of establishment of Sugiyama Jogakuen, and today the institution expanded to a Comprehensive Women's Education Institution that has 7 undergraduate programs, the most for a women's university in Japan, and offers education from kindergarten to university and graduate school.

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