Sugiyama Jogakuen University

Program Features

Pursuing the question "What does it mean to be Human?"

Since the establishment of Sugiyama Jogakuen University, we have been following the educational philosophy to educate our students. Today the University has 7 undergraduate programs and 2 graduate programs, including the School of Culture-Information Studies, the School of Modern Management and the School of Cross-Cultural Studies. We have approximately 5.800 students enrolled, making us a leading Women's University in Japan.
Our aim is to foster a rich sense of humanity as the foundation of the students' knowledge and skills, and to develop professionals to meet the needs of the society.
One distinctive characteristic of Sugiyama Jogakuen University is to offer "Discussions on Humanity" to pursue the question "What does it mean to be Human?" from a variety of different disciplines. This lecture is a common course to all departments. Our curriculum also offers a variety of other effective courses and seminars. All our students will enter society with a creative sensitivity and an independent spirit. We also aim for our students to grow as human beings, receiving praise from the local community and industry.

Providing job placement assistance

Our school provides extensive job placement assistance, and we have being able to find employment for our students regardless changes in the economy. Here are a few of the reasons for our high employment rate among women's universities in Japan: career support for lower grades; importance of personal interviews; internship; old girls' association and manners seminars. We hope that our constant support will help students find their calling and prepare them for their future career.